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Don't Do The Maths!


17:00 6th April 2014

Gaffer calls for complete concentration

Kenny Jackett knows what is needed mathematically for Wolves to secure promotion from Sky Bet League One.

But he will continue to keep everyone’s focus on ‘one game at a time’, believing allowing thoughts to drift to the bigger picture could prove an unwanted distraction.

At present Wolves mathematically need seven points from the last five fixtures to clinch promotion, with goal difference in all likelihood six.

Yet Jackett’s focus is purely on each and every game along the lines of:  “pick up results and the overall picture will look after itself.”

“You do look at other results when you come in after the game,” he said after Saturday’s 2-0 win against Peterborough.

“It is not something you do earlier in the season but at this stage, every time you can at least maintain that gap – or improve  it - is a step in the right direction.

“So Saturday ’s win was a big step.

“There is some pressure on the players but they focused well on the job on hand.

“They were very consistent with their performances both in possession and out of possession and worked very hard.

“We have set our targets internally of what we need to do and will keep going towards that.

“It looks like we need around 96 points to make sure of going up.

“But we are looking at each game individually.

“It is an old cliché but it’s the best thing for the players because sometimes if you do look at the overall picture you can take your eye off the ball.

“It’s about concentrating on the next game, the preparation for that, and then the overall situation will look after itself.

“We’re in a good position and want to capitalise on it.”

Jackett has never shied away from the ambition of promotion from the very first day he walked into the club.

But the best way to try and achieve that has been to break it down into more manageable chunks.

“We have been thinking about promotion from day one,” he explains.

“But how do you get promotion? Well you concentrate on trying to win your next game.

“Promotion has been our aim all the way through but you need to break it down and work out how you are going to do that.

“Of course we look at the league table and promotion has been our objective but it is about how you try and achieve that.

“If you keep staring at the table, working at the maths and don’t concentrate on your football, then the likelihood is you won’t do well enough to get the points.

“If we can get promoted then hopefully we can build on it because we are trying to build something positive here after a couple of negative seasons.

“We have taken good strides in doing that but have to continue.

“Every week we can take another big step like we have on Saturday is going to be a big step at this stage of the season.

“We will be attacking every game and getting as many points as we possibly can.”

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