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You Can't Beat A Bit Of Bully


16:18 10th January 2013

Boss admires striker's work ethic.

It’s over 12 years now since Steve Bull played havoc with opposition defences as he sported the colours of Wolverhampton Wanderers.

But the goalscoring legend’s name is still sung loud and proud by the club’s supporters to show he isn’t forgotten and now there is another Molineux addition to his fan club. 

New boss Dean Saunders said: “The fans of this club have been brought up on the sight of Steve Bull and other great players before him with that mentality.

“The picture of Steve Bull that comes into your head is someone sprinting after the ball, knocking defenders over, getting on the end of diving headers from crosses, getting smashed in the face as he was scoring, and playing with enthusiasm and passion and determination.

“And that’s why all the fans love him. And there are players before him that I could name too.

“But the supporters have been brought up on that and that’s what they want to see.

“There are different traditions at different clubs – some have been brought up on total football, some clubs have been brought up on long-ball football.

“I think Wolves supporters have been brought up on players playing with enthusiasm, high tempo and everyone rolling their sleeves up and having a go. That’s the least you can expect.

“Not everyone can be Steve Bull, but the deal is: I’ll give you a contract for lots of money, and you give everything you’ve got. That’s all people expect.”

Already speculation has started on potential targets that Dean has in mind and he admitted: “We’ve got a list ourselves and we’ll go through the list of provens and unprovens.

“There are players we can get on loan from Premier League clubs, players from levels below we could take a chance with, or you buy proven players who have got goals at this level most seasons.

“But they’re more expensive at this time of the year.

“I want to sign the best players I possibly can but we’re trying to get to the Premier League without bankrupting the club.

“I’ll ask Steve (Morgan) ‘can we have him, can we have him and can we have him?’ and work my way down the list.

“We’re probably short of strikers if someone gets injured.

“We’ve got plenty of midfielders and plenty of defenders so I think I will have to look at it closely and see how we go on Friday.

“I’ll have to look at it closely, but with the window shutting at the end of the month, we’ve got some targets so we’ll see if we can get them into the club.”

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