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Adaptability And Simplicity


16:16 11th January 2013

Boss a has plan in mind.

Adaptability and simplicity - two buzz words which Dean Saunders hopes will characterise his time in the Wolves hot seat, and will help him fulfill his ambitions to further increase his managerial reputation.

Saunders arrived at Compton this week with a clear plan in mind, and an equally clear message: "I will get this team winning.
Winning football, says the boss, will be achieved by no lack of effort, and a trio of systems that have served him well at his previous managerial homes, Wrexham and Doncaster Rovers.

"I have three different ways of playing," says the boss. "Three systems we can play and I drill the team to play them all.

"If I feel the two centre-backs of the team we're playing against are slow, we'll give the strikers something to chase.

"If I feel the opposition are pressing us, we'll go over the top of them.

"If I feel we can play through them with the ball, we'll play like Liverpool play," he continues.

"So I set the players up to play in three different ways so they all know what to do if I decide to change it, or if the opposition do something different, so that tactically, we've got an idea of how to get the ball into their net."

Although his tactical instincts were formed during his time at previous clubs, Saunders insists he is more than willing to adapt to the strengths of the squad he has inherited at Molineux.

"I'm still coming to terms with what we've got here," says the Welshman, who took his first training session on Monday. "There are a few of them I haven't seen play.

"I've seen a lot of the lads play in the Premier League but I'll adapt to our strengths - I really don't try to ask players to do things they can't do."

Saunders is the fourth Wolves manager in the past year, but he is clear that his players will approach each game with a clear message in mind.

"If you give players a job description, then they know what to expect from me. In three days, my centre-backs now know what I like and what I don't like and what I want them to do.

"I would never ask them to do something they couldn't do because they'd be anxious going out on the pitch."

He is also adamant that no individual will overshadow the team, and that work-rate and effort are both minimum requirements as he attempts to turn around the club's season.

"The team is the most important thing and sometimes you have to put a player in who doesn't suit the way the team plays and they have to adapt to the team.

"It's all about the team, and the team functions in a certain way with the ball and without the ball. Number one is effort and you play for the team, not for yourself."

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