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No Illusions


14:29 13th February 2013

Boss talks of task he faces in bringing in new blood.

Whilst freely admitting of the need to bring new blood into the club, Dean Saunders is under no illusions with regards to the task he is facing.

Following on from the signing of Kaspars Gorkks, Dean knows that he may have to wait until the summer before securing some of his targets.  

He says: “We’ve found it difficult to get players in. We might have to wait until the summer to get them, especially the ones who are out of contract.

“But I can see what’s wrong and we needed to do something about it so I’ve done something (signing Gorkks) which will help, and I need to do a bit more.

“I’ve put the first building brick in place because his character and his determination sum up what I want from all the players at the club.

“Once you get the foundations right at the club, then the flair players can fit into that, provided you’ve got a platform to stop the ball going in the net.” 

The manager concedes that whilst he is looking for players to sign with a view to them eventually becoming a part of the club’s future, because of the present situation, those able to make a short-term and immediate impact may have to be the answer. 
He adds “I might have to do something just for now but ideally I want to sign players for now who are ready to fit in for next season.

“We are in a difficult situation at the moment and we’ve just got to concentrate on getting some wins and climbing the league.

“We’re improving and the performances are getting better – with a bit of luck we could have won all the games, apart from Sheffield Wednesday when we only created one chance.

“I’m hoping we can get a couple more players in. We lost 27 headers all over the pitch on Saturday – up front, in midfield and at the back.

“And there are certain basics you have to do in a game that form the foundation of things you have to do properly – you can’t lose tackles on the edge of your own box, you can’t lose headers, you have to clear the ball properly, you have to chase and fight and have the work rate there.

“If you get those things, you’ve got a chance.”

Of his current squad, Dean says: “I’ve got a lot of right wingers.

“It was the plan to start with Jamie O’Hara at wide right (against Leeds) in the first six or seven minutes and then move Kevin Doyle to the right.

“Kevin had been left out at Leicester and hadn’t played for Ireland and I felt he’d had a good week’s training and a good week’s sleep in Ireland having just had a new baby.

“He trained really well and I thought Saturday was the day he’d put in a performance and score a goal.

“I had Stephen Hunt and David Edwards on the bench who can both play on the right and both had trained really well all week.

“I just felt like I couldn’t leave those two off the bench.

“Björn played there at Leicester as well so we had three players who could play there.

“There is still a chance for Peszko.

“Again it’s Championship football we’re facing and I knew what type of game we were facing on Saturday.

“We’ve lost a lot of games this season and nobody is safe.

“Sylvan has got some goals so he’s doing alright goal-wise and Sako the same but I don’t think anyone is safe enough to say they’re doing well for this club and where we should be.

“I could leave anyone out – nobody is nailed in."

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