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Cool Under Pressure


15:08 14th March 2014

Jackett's call ahead of final 12

Kenny Jackett has reminded his players to continue to keep their cool amid the cut and thrust of the Sky Bet League One promotion race.

In recent games some of the team’s more creative elements have found themselves the target of extra attention in a bid to knock them off guard, and Jackett is keen to avoid any loss of discipline at such a crucial stage of the season. 

“We’ve talked about it and we know what we have to do.

“If teams target our forwards or creative players and try to stop them however they can then we can’t react.

“What we can’t do is have a silly red card where someone misses one or three games.

“We have to try to reduce these things.

“It’s like injuries – we try hard to reduce injuries and try to sign people with good injury records generally and are the right age.

“After that, we want players who will come in the building and work on their fitness then get less injuries.

“It’s similar with referees and discipline – it’s something I see as a negative if you’re picking up too many cards and getting people suspended unnecessarily.

“I understand sometimes there’s a line and competition and particularly competitive defenders – that’s o-k.

“But silly bookings and silly red cards are something we have to work at to try to reduce during the season, although you can’t eradicate them.

“We’ll learn from the other night where Nouha Dicko and Bakary Sako got themselves into situations where there was some provocation and Rossi-Branco threw himself to the floor holding his face.

“Their manager was on at him from the sidelines shouting at him to get up.

“But a referee could see it differently so let’s not put ourselves in that situation.

“That would be my message to the players; they understand that.

“It’s perhaps quite easy from where we’re sat – but when it’s in the heat of the moment and you’re competing, it’s different.

“But they know and understand and would have learned from it.”

The heavy fixture schedule also remains a factor over the coming weeks, but the Head Coach remains confident the players will be able to keep themselves in good shape.

“Looking after yourself both here at the training ground and away from there is very important,” added Jackett.

“Even a few per cent drop in performance can lead to a different result and a different level of confidence.

“In football there can be very thin dividing lines and confidence can go or come back very quickly.

“We must make sure our preparation and professionalism does justice to a fantastic club.”

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