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Commitment To The Cause


13:17 3rd July 2013

"Fantastic opportunity" says Jackett

Kenny Jackett today called for the Wolves players to share his “commitment to the cause” and grasp what he sees as a “fantastic opportunity” next season.


The Head Coach has quickly set about his aims of revamping the squad and trying to bring about a “fresh and vibrant” Wolves next season.


And he is keen to ensure his players are all of the same positive mindset as they set about trying to respond to back-to-back relegations.


He said:  “In terms of myself I want and I’m going to need people who are committed to the cause and want to be here and see this as the type of fantastic opportunity and the fantastic club that I do.


“Your motivation has to be that way in any division.


“If they’re not committed – and I’m talking about all the players – my interest in them will go pretty quickly.


“I do see motivation levels as a big thing, especially in League One.


“We are in this transition period where there are players of ability and they’re being linked elsewhere.


“It’s my job to negotiate this period and make sure we come out of it with a team that does the club justice because this is a massive club and a great club.


“And there has to be a team here with players that are proud to pull the shirt on.


“In terms of the time coming up, the season starts in five weeks and we have to be ready with people that want to be here and want to play for us.”

The players enjoyed a ‘recovery’ day today after a fairly intense training programme so far with a swimming session, while Razak Boukari reported back to continue his rehabilitation on the troublesome calf injury which ruined his first season at the club.

“Razak is still injured though – he won’t be coming back and training,” added Jackett.


“He will be working towards doing his pre-season.


“I don’t think he will be far off but he won’t be with the group, he will go with the physios.”


Keeper Wayne Hennessey meanwhile will continued to be closely monitored in terms of his own progress as he continues training following recovery from a cruciate injury.


“We’re a week into pre-season training and Wayne has done well,” added the Head Coach.


“He’s broken down once before and this is a situation I have inherited but I think he should just get his head down and do a month’s training and then re-assess it after that.


“I know there are some games during that time, but he needs a good month’s training.


“He’s done a week, and let’s see what he’s like in three weeks’ time – hopefully he’ll be OK.


“But he’s done all the sessions and doesn’t seem to have had a problem.


“When that leg gets tight, he has to go again so needs to go through that fatigue and that threshold.


“So he won’t be involved in any of the friendlies – he will do a month’s training first and then we’ll assess it then.


“When he broke down before, we don’t seem to think it was because of his rehabilitation, we think it was the operation.

“But it’s vital that we get that one right.”

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