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Griff Goals Earns A Free Bet


11:39 29th October 2013

Club partner Betbright backs fans' loyalty

A very Betbright morning to you!

So the mighty Leigh Griffiths didn’t make it six goals in 9 games over the weekend, altogether now… ahhhhh!

Now, most bookmakers would say ‘close but no cigar’ but we here at Betbright are not like that one little bit.

So the Scottish striker fell one short of our recent promotion offer but we want to bring a ray of sunshine into your working week and have decided, my oh my, to pay out on our fantastic promotion!

That’s right, we are paying out anyway to those loyal Wolves fans who backed their main man with our fantastic promotion, how wonderful are we?

Simply access your Betbright account and you will see a shiny new £50 free bet voucher waiting for you.

We hope it brings you luck and you continue to enjoy your Betbright experience.

Come on the Wolves!

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