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Cash Rebate For Season Ticket Holders


09:50 16th May 2013

Summer Season Ticket and Matchday prices also announced

Wolves have released details of a cash rebate for the Club’s 9,036 season ticket holders who renewed during this year’s two Early Bird windows: Early Bird and Early Bird Extra Time.
The Club confirmed there would be a rebate - in the event of relegation to League One - at February’s Fans’ Parliament and subsequently gave assurances at April’s meeting that this would be in cash. 
Adult supporters behind the goals - who renewed in full and online at the first Early Bird window - will each receive a £35 rebate. They will now be paying £13.48 per League fixture, for the 2013/14 season. 
The equivalent rebate for adult fans in the Billy Wright Upper is £45 and for adult supporters in the Billy Wright Lower and Steve Bull Upper it will be £40.  
Only under 12’s in the Billy Wright Lower (accompanied by an adult) - who pay £1 per League game (£23 per League season) - will not receive a rebate. 
Supporters who paid via debit or credit card will automatically have their rebate credited back to the same account. Fans who paid via cash or cheque will have a cheque posted to their home address. 
Wolves are aiming to complete all the transactions by end of June 2013 and a confirmation email will be sent to each supporter once the money has been credited to their account. 
Season ticket holders who have recently changed their email or home address, and have not updated the Ticket Office, can email or call the Ticketline: 0871 222 1877. 
Supporters who are paying by Direct Debit will simply have their phased payments recalculated over a five month period and will also be sent an updated payment schedule in the post. 
Wolves have also announced both the 13/14 Matchday prices (Click HERE) and  the 13/14 Summer Season Ticket prices (Click HERE). The deadline for Summer Season Ticket renewals is Friday 7th June 2013 and Summer Season Tickets will be on general sale immediately, although existing season ticket seats are not released for sale until Monday 17th June 2013. The traditional seat relocation window commences Wednesday 12th June 2013 for three days allowing a priority for existing fans to relocate to released seats. 
Fans can purchase an adult Summer Season Ticket behind the goals for £345; an individual cost per League game of £15. This represents a £5 saving per League game compared to attending on a match-to-match basis where the adult price for a seat behind either goal will be £20. 
An adult match ticket in the Upper Tier of the Billy Wright Stand will be £25 for the coming season, a reduction of £5 compared to the Championship price for the season just gone. However the purchase of an equivalent Summer Season Ticket at £460 (£20 per match) would again produce a £5 per game saving over the full season.
The full range of “junior” prices, including the U21 category, are also reduced for the new season. The U17 match day ticket price range, for example, is from £9 to £13 but that individual match cost drops to between £6.96 and £10 when the equivalent season ticket is purchased (£160 in the Cullis/ Harris and £230 in the BWU).
The applicable booking fee is payable in addition to the figures quoted above.
Lynne O’Reardon, Head of Ticketing & Membership, Wolves, said “Once again, we’d like to thank all our loyal season ticket holders who have already renewed.
“In February 2013, Wolves pledged to issue a rebate to those season ticket holders in the event of relegation. We’ve followed through with that firm commitment and over £260,000 will be returned to season ticket holders. 
“Adults who renewed behind the goals, at Early Bird will now be watching league football at Molineux from just over £13 per game.
“However, we are very aware of the reasons why some fans decided against taking-up the Early Bird offer. 
“We now need to encourage these often long standing fans to re-commit to watching every home game at Molineux and to support what we hope will be a young and successful football team. We believe an adult summer season ticket price range that begins at a cost which is equivalent to only £15 game clearly represents that intent.”

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