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Boss: We Need To Turn It Around


12:26 27th November 2012

Solbakken says onus is the team

Boss Ståle Solbakken believes it’s up to him and the players to set the tone against Millwall tonight but is confident Wolves can recover from their eight-game winless run.


In contrast to Wolves, the Lions check in for tonight’s 7.45pm kick off on the back of an eleven-game unbeaten run which has catapulted them into the top six of the npower Championship.


At his pre-match press conference ahead of the game the boss says Wolves need to be on the right side of the fine lines after several defeats by the odd goal during the winless streak.


“The fans have been brilliant to us so far,” said the boss.


“It is not like we should be begging them for support as they are entitled to their opinions and feelings and it is up to us to perform for them.


“I’m confident it can be turned around but it’s not like I can sit here and say it will be turned – we have to make sure we do it.


“We’re either drawing or losing every game but every one is close – you can’t say in one match that we haven’t been close.


“It was the same against Forest – we probably deserved to lead at half-time and in the second half, both teams faded out.


“They scored from their chance and we struggled to produce anything when they sat back.


“But if you look at the game overall, there was nothing between the sides and that’s been pretty much the case in the two previous games when we were down to 10 men.

“We were in front against Brighton then conceded one and went down to 10 men and pulled it back to 3-3 and at Watford we could also have had a point.


“Before that we wasted possibilities in two home games, especially against Charlton.


“So you can’t say that in any game we weren’t close to drawing.


“You have to look at it objectively because these are the facts.


“But it’s also a fact that we haven’t been able to turn it in our favour.”


The boss admits that mental strength takes a knock in any player when on a winless run, but that it is a case of coming through the bad times and becoming stronger players and people as a result.


“I think you have to work hard on the training pitch but you also have to work mentally and another important thing is that we’re dealing with human beings so it’s we must recognise that this isn’t a common thing,” he said.


“Some players did do their job and try to make sure they were in the right position, but some felt the heat and maybe didn’t do themselves or the team justice.


“That’s human beings for you and we are under pressure now, and when that happens, reaction can be different from player to player.


“That’s why talk, feedback and help on an individual basis is also important.


“If there is pressure, then it is on me.

“Football is about results and it’s fair that questions are raised, and you have to live with that when you go on a long run without winning.


“From what I’ve seen at the training ground, we’re 100 per cent in it together.


“Some players felt the heat and maybe didn’t do themselves or the team justice.


“But when you’re under pressure – and we are under pressure now – then the reaction can be different from player to player.”


And the manager himself has admitted he needs to keep his own focus and belief in the knowledge better times are ahead.


“For me now it’s important to do the things I believe in,” he adds.


“At this moment in time, there are probably 50,000 better coaches or managers in Wolverhampton than me.


“But I don’t think that’s the case. I do what I believe in and I can look at myself in the mirror.


“For a player, maybe they don’t succeed in everything they do, but if they can come off the pitch saying they didn’t hide, and did exactly what we tried to do and did a little extra to help their team-mate, that’s what I call looking at themselves in the mirror.


“All football clubs, all coaches and all managers go through these situations and that’s when you have to show the strength and power to be in there and not make the easy solutions to make yourself look good.


“Maybe you can get away with that, but maybe the team isn’t strengthened by your actions.

“It’s fair that questions should be raised when you’re on a bad run – that’s football, and it wouldn’t be right if no one raised questions when it wasn’t going well or praised you when they did well.


“Already this season, we’ve gone through all phases; we started slowly, we came out of it and were kings of Wolverhampton for a few weeks, now we’re the idiots but we can get out of it again.


“But it’s important that we do that together and don’t just go for the simple things or simple solutions which make us don’t feel well among ourselves.


“It’s about looking in the mirror.”

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