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Boss Takes Responsibility


22:47 25th September 2012

Solbakken reflects on Chelsea loss

Boss Ståle Solbakken tonight took full responsibility for Wolves’ 6-0 defeat at Chelsea – but re-iterated it was the right decision to change his team for the Capital Cup tie.

Solbakken changed ten players from the side which won at Peterborough on Saturday for Wolves’ fourth game in nine days ahead of another spell of three in seven starting against Sheffield Wednesday this weekend.

But the team included many of last season’s Premier League regulars as well as four summer signings, and the boss believes they had a better chance of progress than other members of the squad who have undergone the punishing schedule in recent weeks.

“Obviously we had thought about this a lot before doing it,” said the boss.

“There was a risk that something like this could happen but we were punished at the beginning of the game with a soft set piece goal.

“Then came another goal and obviously that made it hard for the young boys in the team.

“There is no one else to blame but me and it is a calculated risk that I would do again because we have had three games in six days and have got three games in seven coming up.

 “It has also been a tough week with some long travelling with games in East Anglia and Peterborough.

“When I saw the fixture list I saw Chelsea was the fourth game in nine days and this could also happen with the players I have at home.

“I could maybe have mixed it a little bit but I think it was the right time to give the players who had played a lot of games a rest and some good training before three games in seven days.

“So it was the right time to do it and there is no one else to blame for the result but me.

“It could always happen like this if Chelsea played well and they did.

“They came in with a very strong team and after they got two quick goals it was going to be difficult.

“I think we played o-k for 35 minutes or so but then they came with more quick goals in the second half.

“They had maybe nine chances and scored with six which shows their quality whereas we had two or three and didn’t score.

“We have to be sensible.

“It’s not a good feeling to be sitting here after losing 6-0 but if we beat Sheffield Wednesday on Saturday I will be fine.

“It won’t affect the players, we have been beaten by the European Champions.”

The boss was also keen to try and take the positives from some of the young players’ performances, with Danny Batth and David Davis playing well and Anthony Forde and Zeli Ismail coming on as substitutes.

“I wanted to give these players a chance and I wanted them to play on the big stage,” he added.

“We can always take some positives and some of the youngsters did very well in spells.

“They may not feel good about it now but I think they will when they think about it.

“It was hard mentally to go behind so early - the beginning of the game destroyed some of the learning process because it became a long 80 minutes to play.

“I think some of the youngsters had quite good games for long periods and some of the guys haven’t played for a while.

“I hope our players learn from it and some of the young players come on for the experience and be more ready for the Championship games to come.

“I don’t think you ever want to say it is a positive to focus on the league because you don’t want to lose games.

“Losing by six is never good by now we have to look at the next two home games which are very important.”

The near 1,000 Wolves fans who made the trip stayed with their team to the end and produced some great support, which was appreciated by the boss who hopes they understand his team selection.

“I think the fans will understand,” he said.

“I made sure I put the squad out on the website early and put it on yesterday.

“I think the fans understand the demands of the Championship and also like to see some of the youngsters make their way into the team.

“I would thank them for their great support tonight.

“It was a selection both for the coming games and for the future as we need more than the 11 or 14 players we have used mostly.

“So I would have done the same again.”





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