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Boss Takes Doyle Personally!


13:37 6th February 2013

Saunders' striker vow

Boss Dean Saunders says he is going to “take it personally” if he cannot help Kevin Doyle to hit the goal trail between now and the end of the season.


Doyle was the subject of late interest from Celtic before the closure of the transfer window, and has said himself he is now committed to Wolves’ fortunes.


Saunders is confident he will be able to add more of a goal threat to the strong work ethic shown by Doyle throughout his time at Wolves.


“If he keeps working hard and making the runs that get you goals, it will happen,” said the boss, who revealed the decision to leave Doyle out at Leicester was due to the tactical change of formation and not the Celtic interest.


“He has to keep running into the centre of the goal, running to the near post - or making two runs sometimes if he doesn’t connect to the first one – and be alive to everything that comes into the box.


“If he keeps doing that, he’ll bang a couple in all of a sudden.


“And if he can combine that with his workrate and his effort, he’s a good player.


“I’ll take it personally if he does all that and he’s still not scoring.


“He just needs a bit of confidence.


“I was a striker and when you go through a patch when you haven’t scored many goals, it’s difficult and you start worrying about everything in your game.


“He’s never going to be a 30-goals-a-season man because he’s not that type of player.


“He drags centre-backs out of place, even though he goes out to the wide areas a fair bit, and that allows other people to get into dangerous positions to score.

“So he’s prepared to do the donkey work and make runs to get defenders into trouble and he’ll chase lost causes and hold the ball up as well.


“There are more than goals to his game but he just has to get his fair share in his position.”


At the other end of the experience scale the boss is also positive about the chances of Jake Cassidy.


He believes the 20-year-old Welshman will have an excellent future in the game.


“Jake is going to be a good player,” said Saunders.


“He’s got a lot of tools and I think he’s going to play his part for us this season.


“Unless we get a couple of centre forwards, he’s going to have to.


“I’ve worked with him now for three or four weeks and he can do most things and score all types of goals.”


The boss meanwhile has also revealed there has been loan interest in Adam Hammill as he mulls over possible outgoings in the emergency window which opens tomorrow.


He explained:  “There are a few clubs would like to take Adam – we’ve had a few phone calls.


“There’s a queue of players on that right-hand side, especially when Razak Boukari is fit again – we’ll have Stephen Hunt, Slawomir Peszko, Adam and Anthony Forde, plus Kevin Foley has played there for me, Dave Edwards can play there too and Bjorn Sigurdarson has played there.


“There are a fair few who can play on the right, so I need to balance the squad up.”

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