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Boss: "Prove You Want To Be Here"


11:55 14th February 2013

Saunders' twin aims for short and long term

Dean Saunders today vowed to “rejuvenate” Wolves during his time at the helm – and has called on his players to prove they want to be part of his revamped squad.


The boss is currently focused on doing everything he can to help the team move away from the relegation zone in the npower Championship, whilst also assessing the players to determine who should be part of the more long-term future.


That process arrives with him considering changing the squad in the summer for what will hopefully prove the start of a more positive era for the club’s fortunes.


 “There comes a point with every team,” says Saunders.


“Sir Alex Ferguson builds a new team every few years and comes to a point where he thinks it’s run its course and he wants to rejuvenate the whole thing.


“That’s my job here.


“I have to rejevunate the whole thing and those who want to be part of it better stand up now and show me they want to be part of it.


“I don’t want them to tell me – I want them to show me and get the club into a reasonable position in the league and then in the summer we’re going for it.


“Because we’ve slipped to where we are, my job is a lot more difficult and it’s more difficult to concentrate on recruitment and working out who wants to be here and who can do the job for me next season.


“Now my focus is on getting us higher up the league.

“We have to plug the gaps now and then start afresh in July with fresh ideas, fresh faces and a fresh mentality with people who have done well with other clubs.


“We have to hit the ground running.


“There is a formula we need and players I’d like to get in, but it’s not necessarily the best players or about picking the best players here for Saturday.”


At the top of Saunders’ agenda is to create a successful team with the right balance, where players’ strengths complement each other to positive effect.


He added:  “It’s about getting the right players on the pitch who will do the job and make the team function properly and stop them letting goals in without being negative because we’ve got to get some at the other end.


“It’s about getting a team out there who will do the right job and where players can make up for any deficiencies of others.


“We have to combine it all together.


“Sometimes people may look at the team and ask why I’m not picking a certain player and that will be because I don’t feel in that game that the particular player can do that job.


“For example, I thought Kevin Doyle would beat Stephen Warnock in the air on Saturday at the back post.


“It’s little things like that which I would like to explain to everyone."


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