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Boss Eyes Doyle Goals


11:18 11th January 2013

Saunders hails striker's work ethic

Dean Saunders is still getting to know the crop of players that he has inherited at Molineux, but one man who has impressed him already is Kevin Doyle.

After overseeing his first few training sessions, Saunders has praised the Irishman's work ethic, and is confident that he can help Doyle rediscover his goalscoring touch.

The striker has netted five times so far this season, the last of his goals coming in the shape of a brace in the 4-1 win at Ashton Gate on December 1.

"I've watched Kevin Doyle in training and he's been brilliant the last three days," Saunders enthused.

"On Tuesday he was unplayable in training and he had a right battle with a couple of the young centre backs. That shows me he wants to so it.

"I think the goals will come for him - he just has to run into the middle of the goal a bit more."

Despite his lack of goals this season, Saunders is still full of praise for what Doyle's workrate brings to the team.

"It's impossible to work too hard," the manager said. "If you're working that hard then someone else is going to benefit. It doesn't matter who scores because the manager won't leave you out.

"In my eyes, if you give me everything you've got and you're flat to the boards, it's impossible to have a bad game, even if you miss five open goals because the next game, the least I get is that, so I'll pick you again, knowing you might get five goals next week."

He added: "If I'm picking a player and I know I'm going to get the maximum he's got, you sleep better before the game and that's what Kevin Doyle gives me.

"I know how he's going to play - he's going to give me everything he's got. Those are the kind of players you want around you - we need a few more like Kevin Doyle."

The new boss is eager to get the best out of Doyle, and help him to forge a successful partnership with Sylvan Ebanks-Blake.

"He has to get the right service and probably he hasn't been getting the ball quickly enough.

"Sylvan has nine league goals so he's doing well and he's a poacher."

Saunders is also confident that his own experience and record as a goalscorer at the highest level can benefit Wolves' number 29.

"There are things I can teach Kevin and pass on, things I've learnt. You can't give anyone an instinct.

"Every season I played I went eight or nine games without scoring, but I managed to stay in the team because the manager thought I was working hard and I brought something else to the table.”

The two goals against Bristol City are Doyle's only strikes since another double, against Bolton in the 2-2 draw at Molineux in October.

However, Saunders believes that added confidence in front of goal will lead to Doyle's name featuring on the scoresheet on a more regular basis.

He explained: "It could be something simple like when you're scoring, you can predict where the ball's going to come in so you know where to run and it does. The ball is like a beach ball coming towards you.

"When you're in a goal drought, you hope the ball is going to come in and that yard is the difference between getting on the end of it, or you hesitate and you're hoping the ball is going to come in, not expecting it.

"I suppose it's the same for goalkeepers - they expect to save shots or they're hoping to save things.

"When you're on a bad run, you move into the wrong space and the ball comes when you're not expecting it.

"It's just about confidence and belief."

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