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Bjorn's Identity?


12:08 13th December 2013

Jackett believes striker has more to come


Kenny Jackett believes Bjorn Sigurdarson’s best years are still to come as he continues to adapt to the English game.

The Icelandic striker has shown plenty of glimpses of his talent and potential during his 18 months at Molineux, but is yet to nail down a sustained run in the team in his preferred centre forward option.

But Jackett believes that opportunity is still out there for the 22-year-old to do that and find a consistent level with Wolves.

The Head Coach says there has been no fallout to reports quoting Sigurdarson’s agent as saying he wanted to leave the Club in January.

“Bjorn is not the type of man who causes problems – he’s not like that and he trains hard every day,” says Jackett.

“He’s a dedicated professional and we haven’t had any issues with him at all in terms of his workrate and his application in training has been good.

“There’s been no more said and since that particular article things have been quiet.

“It’s not something in an ideal world you want to read about one of your players but you do accept these things do happen.

“Bjorn said it was totally his agent and as I said at the time, you have to take responsibility for what your agent says and it’s not ideal.

“But there is a world that goes on outside the gates, with players’ advisors and agents and an agent’s agenda on most occasions is different from the club.

“The club would want to get some stability and get a good process of selection and improvement if they could whereas agents are totally different.

“The way they earn a living is by getting moves.”

And in terms of his on-field ability, Jackett believes the foundations are there with Sigurdarson.

“He’s a young striker with all the attributes in terms of pace, strength and height,” he says.

“Sometimes those big players come into their own in their mid-20s, where they perhaps learn how to use their body.

“I’ve said to Bjorn many times that he needs to find the centre-half; Kevin Doyle can pin a centre-half and get himself into the game and play off that.

“Bjorn hasn’t quite learned that yet but you’re looking at strikers like Ricki Lambert, Grant Holt and Steve Morison, who I had at Millwall and he did very well for us.

“He got us out of this league some years ago and did very well in the Championship and got transferred to Norwich for £3m.

“Now he’s back at Millwall on loan from Leeds but he was in non-league until he was 26.

“He’d been released by Northampton as a youngster so sometimes the big cenhtre forwards learn how to use their considerable physical attributes that they have but it does take a little while.

“I would put Bjorn into that category.

“We’ve all tried different permutations with him to get him running at the goal as opposed to playing with his back to goal in the game to try to maximise his considerable assets, which he shows on a daily basis because he has a very good attitude.

“But he needs to be able to know where the centre-halves are a little bit more and then base his game on that.”

Jackett continued:  “He does apply himself – there’s no lack of application or desire or preparation.

“I don’t see that with him at all and I’ve dealt with many footballers.

“Also at maybe 22, confidence does come into it and sometimes a lack of confidence can be perceived as other things.

“But he’s a very good professional who does care and want to do well for the club and works hard.

“Sometimes doing well against the centre-half positionally does come with experience.”

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