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Back To Work!


14:12 10th July 2012

Players back in training ahead of new season.

Ståle Solbakken has said it will be a case of increasing the football work on a gradual basis during pre-season as the players check back into training.

After fitness tests last week, this week is more about a mixture of ballwork and fitness work as the majority of the squad kick off life under the new manager.

Solbakken has had an input into the pre-season programme put together as usual by Tony Daley.

"This week is Tony's week in the way that we're starting using the balls slowly," says the boss.

"It's important that we pick the players' fitness up without having stupid injuries.

"That's why we have fitness coaches - it's all about the players getting their fitness back step by step and gradually introducing ballwork.

"Then when we get to Ireland next week, we can start introducing more ball games and also tactics.

"Over there, we'll be with each other 24 hours a day and I think I will before Ireland or by the end of the training camp, I will have spoken to all of the players face to face.

"Tony has a good idea from planning pre-season for a few years and I'll have some input as well, and we'll take it from there.

"Tony is well educated and is a former footballer as well so he knows what it takes.

"But now he's working with a new manager so maybe there will be a few new ideas when it comes to how intensive or not the ball games are.

"I've spoken to Tony about what I think is important so we don't get too many or too hard a session and increase the risk of injury.

"It's better to build it gradually so every player can join in every session rather than 'kill' three or four of them and they end up missing the first game of the season."

Solbakken has highlighted the importance of trying to keep training fresh and enjoyable during pre-season, but is aware that it can't all be enjoyable given the work being done!

"I think the players will say the training is tough now but it will be training where we can keep everyone fresh," he added.

"You want to make it enjoyable but everything shouldn't be enjoyable in pre-season if you're preparing for the marathon which is the Championship."

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