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Another Chance To Impress


09:00 12th July 2013

Jackett shuffling pack for Livingston

Kenny Jackett will again shuffle his pack against Livingston tomorrow as Wolves round off a successful week’s training in Scotland.


The Head Coach plans to try and utilise all of his 22 players, as in Wednesday’s win at East Fife, before starting to hone his plans in Tuesday’s friendly trip to Wrexham.


He is keen to give as many players as possible the chance to stake their claim tomorrow (2pm) in advance of the big kick-off at Preston on August 3.


“It has been a good week so far and the weather here in Scotland has been beautiful,” says Jackett.


“The lads have worked really hard and we’ve had the game against East Fife and have got a second one coming up tomorrow.


“It’s about me assessing the players in these first few games.


“We gave 22 players a runout against East Fife which is quite unusual for one game.


“But I think it is necessary at this stage because we still have a few weeks to go.


“I want to give players the chance to prove themselves and for me to see them in competitive action as well as training.


“I did move things around a bit during the East Fife game and when you score goals it always gives you confidence particularly for strikers like Sigurdarson and Griffiths.


“That was a big plus from the game.


“Early on I will be looking at everybody and giving everybody a part.

“But then as we go on things will have to settle down in terms of the players and the partnerships.


“We will see what happens on Saturday but by the time we get to Wrexham we want to be putting on proper performances and if possible 90 minute performances as well.


“If we work towards full fitness it is about working and performing well for the full 90 minutes.


“We have got a high number of players here and haven’t had injuries which is good so I will have a look at them again on Saturday.


“I will probably also change systems once or twice to see what we can do and make sure we get the best of the players that we have.


“After that we need to be settling the team down over the final few weeks gearing towards having everything right for the Preston game.”


Jackett has hailed a positive atmosphere among the squad at their Dunblane base this week, with the training camp offering the younger players an important opportunity to integrate themselves into the senior set-up.


“The players’ attitude towards their fitness has been good and that is the first thing you look at in pre-season,” he added.


“They look mobile and they look fit and the football now has to fall into line which we are working away at.


“There is a very good atmosphere around the group and that is something we are going to have to hold on to as we work through the season.

“It might be a low key tour in comparison to more glamorous ones but Scotland is a good place and we have got through a lot of work here.


“It is important for the younger players to have come away.


“They already have a good bond through their development and working with the Under-21s and it is for me to marry that in with a few of the experienced lads that we are invariably going to need.


“Then we should have a well balanced and adjusted side ready for League One.


“Putting the Under-21s into a first team context is good, particularly with players like Lee Evans.


“These guys are responding well and rising to the challenge of pushing the more experienced players which is what you need for competition.”

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