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A New Dynamic


11:46 25th June 2013

Jackett keen to look forward

Kenny Jackett is focused on changing the dynamics of the Wolves dressing room to produce a “young and vibrant team” as the club seek a positive response to back-to-back relegations.

The new Head Coach has revealed he is looking forward rather than back in terms of revitalising Wolves and creating a “new era” which will hopefully lead to long-term success.

Part of that process included yesterday making Karl Henry, Stephen Ward, Roger Johnson and Jamie O’Hara available for transfer, while it is anticipated other senior players will also move on should the right offers come in.

The club are also working behind the scenes to try and bring players in to help with freshening up the squad.

“It’s a new start and we’ve got to turn players over very quickly,” said Jackett.

“We’ll be making assessments and communicating with the powers-that-be as we try to change the dynamics of the dressing room.

“I’m very aware the relationship and bond between the majority of the players and supporters – I wouldn’t say all of them – has not been there and I have to address it.

“But that will only be done with performances.

“We want to produce a young, vibrant, hungry Wolves team and keep an eye on the market and make sure we’re competitive for the players we want.”

Jackett said the decision to release the names of the transfer-listed quartet was driven by a desire to “draw a line in the sand”, but that all four have vowed to continue working hard and remain professional.

“I don’t think it necessarily changes anything (to make it public) but Wolves is a big club and there’s a thirst for information and information then does get out,” he added.

“It’s best to let everyone know we’re drawing a line in the sand really. 

“And where we go from here is that these guys know they’re not in my plans and also people know they’re available. 

“After that there needs to be a mutual agreement between Wolves, the player and anyone that comes in for them – there needs to be a deal. 

“But it starts the process and from my point of view, it lets those guys know where they stand with me and as these things have a habit of getting out and areas can become grey and clouded, so right the way through we all know where we stand.

“To some degree, they were surprised but they all said they would work hard and be committed to the club in terms of this pre-season and their work. 

“Even if their future does not lie here, they will be wanting to get fit. They all expressed the opinion that they will work hard and be professional.”

Jackett is keen to hit the ground running as regards making further assessments on players and getting to know them as pre-season training kicks into gear.

But he also his own views from having watched Wolves on several occasions last season, and then analysing games since he took over the reins.

“I have watched Wolves,” he said. 

“Since I’ve been here, I’ve watched all of the games over the second half of the season.

“My basis now having only just come in is going forward.

“For me it’s very much a new era and a new season.

“What happened at the end of last season quite often changes going into the next season.

“Wolves need a young, vibrant team and this is the start of that process.”

And part of the “tough decision” in making the four senior players available is to allow the younger players in the squad their opportunity.

“These are tough decisions, but I’m looking at the midfield area and think there are some good, young players there who need their chance,” Jackett added.

Adam Hammill has completed his move to Huddersfield, and Jackett confirmed Sylvan Ebanks-Blake, whose Wolves contract expires next month, could be close to finalising a switch.

But he says there are no other imminent departures.

Jackett is keen to further assess the squad now they are all back, including players such as Richard Stearman, who spent the second half of last season enjoying a successful loan at Ipswich.

“Adam has gone to Huddersfield but there’s nobody else at that stage – they’re all here training and we’ll see what happens,” he added.

“I have a completely open mind on Stearman,” said Jackett.

“I haven’t spoken to him but he’s under contract. I don’t think there have been any bids for him.

"I will talk to him in due course and see what his thoughts are and see how he is working in training.”

In terms of continuing speculation linking Wolves with potential new arrivals the Head Coach said work was continuing behind the scenes, but that it would be “unprofessional” to comment on other team’s players.

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