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Jackett Looks to Blackburn


10:44 29th August 2014

Wolves take on Blackburn Rovers this Saturday, the first time this season that Kenny Jackett's men face a side that competed in last year's Championship.

After being relegated from the Premier League alongside Wolves in 2011/12, Jackett believes Rovers spent the following seasons consolidating and working out the division and are now poised for a strong promotion challenge.

He said: “The likes of Blackburn, Ipswich, Nottingham Forest who have been quite regularly in the top part of the Championship for a season or two and know what it’s all about.

“I would say over the last few years Blackburn have been very solid but improved every year. The back end of last season they did look like they had the division sorted out and did very well.

“Signs are very good for them early in this season as well so this particular game and test will be a very good one."

It was reported earlier in the week that Blackburn had placed a 'not for sale' tag on star striker Jordan Rhodes following a number of lucrative bids from Premier League clubs.

“It shows you the strength of the division when sides with aspirations to get out of it are turning down those type of figures for their centre forwards," explained Jackett.

With regards to Wolves' transfer activity, the Head Coach reinforced the the message that he won't bring players into Molineux unless they're right for the club.

Jackett commented: “What’s difficult is finding the player when you need it because I think that’s when a lot of mistakes are made.

“There’s a clamour by the media and supporters to sign players but are they right? There’s nothing worse than signing a bad player because that takes your club back.”
Wolves are celebrating the 125th anniversary of Molineux with a number of events around Saturday's game and the gaffer took time to discuss his memories of the stadium.

“It’s full of tradition, brilliant and it has a very rich and successful history,” explained Jackett before adding: “It has always been fantastic to come to Molineux – as player, coach and manager.

“It’s kept pace with the times, it’s not just one of those grounds that was just good in history, it’s terrific in the present.

“Looking back, it’s very hard to find that many clubs that have the history and tradition of Wolves and that makes it terrific.”

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