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Wolves Hoping To Call The Shots!


06:59 25th August 2014

Partnership with V12 continues

Wolves are continuing their partnership with the V12 Protein Shot this season as part of the club’s recovery strategy afterfirst team fixtures.

Nutrition is one of the areas included within the club’s recovery programme to helpensure the players maintain a high level of fitness, and the new protein shot has already proved beneficial.

“When you are involved in a league season, often with fixtures on a Saturday and also midweek, any advantages you can gain with fitness and recovery are important,” said Head of Sport Science and Conditioning Tony Daley.

“Our 1st team squad used the V12 shots last season, which offer a convenient way of getting the correct amount of protein which will help muscles repair faster


“We are pleased to be continuing the partnership with V12 this season, and using the protein shots as a part of the detail which goes into our recovery strategies to help the players over a long and challenging season.”


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